D. Bonhoeffer:”…it is easy for the tyrannical despiser…”

Psalm 29:11 The Lord will give strength to His people; the Lord will bless His people with peace.

Meditation: We find ourselves at a time of big political change. Some of us feel weak and afraid at a time where a strong leader has left who stood up for peace in the US and in the world. The kind of strength that is now being portrayed seems to undermine basic agreed upon values of our democracy like “freedom of speech” or “fact checking”. The strength of our democracy and of our peaceful coexistence as people who are different is undermined when certain perspectives are being attacked and facts no longer mean anything, but only certain “interpretations” are portrait as “the truth”.

We, the people…We, the people need all the strength we can find. We, the people need our grounding beyond ourselves at a time where certain assumed and often taken for granted values of our democracy are being dismantled.We, the people need God’s assurance that a power greater than ourselves, greater than any politician, wants to be the source of our strength, and that this power wants to bless this world and its people with peace.

Prayer: God, hear our prayer for strength and for peace! Amen

Quote:At such a time as this it is easy for the tyrannical despiser of men to exploit the baseness of the human heart, nurturing it and calling it by other names. Fear he calls responsibility. Desire he calls keenness. Irresolution becomes solidarity. Brutality becomes masterfulness, Human weaknesses are played upon with unchaste seductiveness, so that meanness and baseness are reproduced and multiplied ever anew. The vilest contempt for mankind goes about its sinister business with the holiest of protestations of devotion to the human cause.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer


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