The power of forgiveness…

February 6, 2017

“Without forgiveness, there is no future”. Desmond Tutu

Prayer: Patient God, we bring to you our anxieties that are especially strong in these times of change.We confess to you that we are often fixed on what scares us, and that we forget that you will be with us, whatever the future holds.

We bring to you our feelings of weakness and our loss of strength. Be it at our workplace or in other difficulties, including our family. We confess to you that we often try to live out of our own strength and that we fight on our own to solve our problems. We forget that it is You who wants to gift us with your Spirit and with your strength.

We bring to you our fear of the future and our sorrows about the world.We confess that we often expect more from people than we expect from You. We forget that you can and want to work in everything and through everything.

Forgive us our forgetfulness, forgive us our shaking faith, forgive us that we often believe our feelings as if we were alone and that we forget that you have promised to be with us and remain with us, no matter what. Forgive us our sins and free us from whatever enslaves us. Amen

Proclamation of Forgiveness: God has compassion with us. God knows how human and how anxious we are. God forgives us all our sins. He wants to give us his Spirit. God calls us out of our fear and out of bondage. God will fill us with his Spirit of Love, Strength and a Sound Mind. (2. Timothy 1:7) Amen


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