The power of public acknowledgement…

Anytime you deny the acknowledgement of God you are undermining the entire basis for which our country exists. Roy Moore

Meditation: The outcry of the people in town hall meetings is giving voice to the voiceless. This country is a country of immigrants. This country was built claiming religious freedom, indivisibility, justice and freedom for all. All those who are being deported, those banned from using the bathroom that matches their chosen gender identity, all those not allowed to re-enter this country and those who are losing their insurance in the coming months cannot be heard. But the voices that publicly acknowledge that all of this is against God’s will and against the ethics of our constitution are loud. The law might permit what is happening as it is being bent. But that that does not make it just, fair or ethical. It is definitely a violation against the essence of who we as Americans are. Thank you to all who cry out on behalf of our brothers and sisters!

Prayer: God of justice, transform our outcries from pure rage to clear words. Help us find powerful words that match the pain of those treated unjustly. We are witnessing the birth of an “indivisible movement”. We are in labor pain and having birth anxiety. At the same time the power of your creative Spirit is finding voice and becomes visible. Thank you for the roaring of the people who stand up for you and for those you want to protect. Amen

Luke 12:8 I tell you, whoever publicly acknowledges me before others, the Son of Man will also acknowledge before the angels of God.

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