And once again: “The Emperor has no clothes”…

Quote: This entire adventure in Iraq has been based on propaganda and manipulation. Eighty-seven billion dollars is too much to pay for the continuation of a war based on falsehoods. The Emperor has no clothes.” U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd in a Senate Hearing speech October, 2003.

Meditation: “The Emperor has not clothes”: This expression is used to express when many people believe something that is not true. Based on Sufi wisdom, Hans Christian Andersen tells the tale in his “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, the story this expression derives from. In it there existed an Emperor who loved wearing fine clothes and spent all of his people’s money on them. He had a different set for each hour and was, without doubt, the finest dressed man in the land.  One day, the Russian government (“two swindlers”) claiming to be weavers entered the Emperor’s city and proclaimed they were capable of making the finest, lightest, most magnificent cloth the world has ever seen. So extraordinary was this cloth, it was invisible to anyone who was incompetent or stupid. Hearing of the weaver’s amazing “talent”, the foolish Emperor thought he could use such cloth to weed out immigrants, the press and the legal system (“undesirables in his city”). He paid the Russian government (“swindlers”) an enormous sum and they set out to “create” the clothes; knowing they would only need go through the motions. The Emperor sent several Republican business men and women (“advisors”) to gage their progress and all the business people (“advisors”) reported the cloth magnificent, not wanting to appear unworthy for seeing nothing at all; the cloth didn’t exist!
Finally the clothes were “finished”, Putin (“the swindler”) already having counted the gold and jewels he had received. A procession was arranged to show off the Emperor’s new clothes and the entire “Grand Old Party” (GOP) (“City”) gathered in the center to view them. Having been “dressed” by the Russian government and adored by his business people, who all remarked how wonderful he looked, and how light the cloth appeared on him, he appeared before his people.
The GOP and the right wing press, having heard of the weaver’s abilities and the cloth’s fictitious properties, were amazed and offered thunderous applause to the now beaming Emperor. None of them were willing to admit that they hadn’t seen a thing; for if anyone did, then they were either stupid or unfit for the job they held. Never before had the Emperor’s clothes been such a success. While the city people expressed admiration at their Emperor’s new “invisible” clothes,  many people’s Spirit around the world (“a small boy”) cried out… “But the Emperor has no clothes!” 
“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:23


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