In our hands…

Change is not in the hands of government, not in the hands of a leader or guru, and not in the hands of the powerful or wealthy. It is in our hands: the hands of each and every one of us. Shari Arison

Meditation: So many changes are being made right now by new executive orders, by changed laws and by new radical ways of law enforcement. As citizens we feel like watching a train coming by at high speed. While seeing and feeling the impact of that train, we anticipate the train wreck to happen. The train is going too fast. Its conductor does not know the craft of steering a fast train. Passengers in the train are cheering, anticipating a wonderful ride. Bystanders are scattering, scared of the consequences, foreseeing the train going off the rails and causing much destruction. The train of change is going rampant. And yet, we as citizens in a democracy are empowered to even stop this train. We have means to hold the conductor accountable. We are able to hold up warning signs. We can assist with moving people out of the way and encourage the passengers to take a second look and admit their feelings of angst, and not just excitement. It is on our hands: the hands of each and every one of us.

Prayer: God of ages, we need You to be with us when we feel helpless and scared, anticipating a train wreck that will cost the lives of many bystanders and even passengers alike. We are scared of a mentally impaired train conductor and a crew that thinks speed means progress and not danger and destruction. The name of every Syrian refugee is tattooed into the palm of your hand. Every person’s name losing their health insurance is engraved in Your skin. You are paying attention to all. All lives matter to You. Let our hands work for justice. Engrave the images of people impacted by the injustice of the current changes into our hearts and minds. And then use us to slow down or stop the train. Amen

See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands. Isaiah 49:16a


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