Becoming Who You Really Are…

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. e. e. cummings

Meditation: Being a teenager is a very challenging time in life. A lot of courage is needed to not give in to peer pressure or just “do what everybody does”. I see my girls experiment with clothing and hair styles that are not “brand” or “popular” to express their individual tastes and their uniqueness. I observe them trying out who they really are. When I hear them speak up and share their own opinion, even though they are in the minority, they need a lot of courage. As adults we might still remember how challenging it was back then. I wonder if this theme of “becoming who we really are” is still very relevant even later in life. I wonder if on our faith journey, we are invited to discover over and over again who we really are. Maybe the journey of “becoming” never ends. Our faith in a God who promises to accompany us and who calls us into fully becoming ourselves can be a source of strength and encouragement for teens and adults alike.

Prayer: Gracious God, You want us to become fully ourselves and grow into the unique gifts you have provided us with. You know our anxieties based on the pressures from society and from within. You know the temptation to adapt, to compete or to become what others expect us to be instead of asking who You have created us to be. You promise to walk with us on this ongoing journey of discovering who we are meant to be. And we are grateful. Amen

Be strong! Be courageous! Do not be afraid of them! For the Lord your God will be with you. He will neither fail you nor forsake you. Deuteronomy 31:6

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