I Am Enough…

For me, the opposite of scarcity is not abundance. It’s enough. I’m enough. My kids are enough. Brene Brown

Meditation: We live in a culture where most assume “bigger to be better”. Winning and being the best is what most are striving for at all times and in all things. Having plenty, having abundantly and having more than others is seen as a virtue. Really? Aren’t these values taught by a secular, market driven textbook? Aren’t we being manipulated to keep consumerism going, just to keep our market system alive? The Christian tradition offers us the counter cultural notion of “enough”. “Having enough” means seeing our life as being blessed by God no matter how much we own. “Being enough” means having received God’s Grace in the midst of life, even with our experiences of imperfections and shortcomings. As Christians we have the freedom of knowing and following counter cultural values. We don’t have to desperately strive for more or for perfection at all times. We don’t have to obsess about always winning and having more than others. Our joy and freedom comes from our gratitude. It comes from embracing the “enough”. Our freedom as Christians is that we do not have to go for being and having the best, the perfect or even abundance. Our joy is resting in “the enough”.

Prayer: God, show us when we get entangled in the “more and more” of our society. Help us stay differentiated. Let us experience the joy of enough and the freedom that comes with that experience. Teach us gratitude that protects us from the hunt for more at any cost. Your Grace sets us free. You change our perspective. You renew our mind. And we are grateful! Amen

And God is able to give you all grace in full measure; so that ever having enough of all things, you may be full of every good work. 2. Corinthians 9:8

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