The Gift of Inspiration…

The greatest gift you can give someone is the gift of inspiration. Cornel West

Meditation: There are times when a person says something or does something in our presence that opens up a whole new world for us. We get inspired! I remember such pivotal moments when mentors who had gotten to know me well said something to me that was “earth shattering”. Like: “I wonder what would happen if you became playful with your student?” or “What if you remained silent and did not defend yourself?” Our relationship was such that their suggestions catapulted me forward. Had I approached my work very seriously before, I now experimented with how playfulness might look like. Had I been reactive and defensive before, I now tried to breathe, not take things so personal and stay more differentiated. I don’t think my teachers knew how inspirational they were at that moment. What they suggested came out of who they were. And so, not just their words, but our relationship became the gift of inspiration. And so the greatest gift was not just that one inspirational sentence alone, but it was the gift of our relationship and of the role modeling and embodiment of that sentence in the mentor him- or herself.

Prayer: Spirit of God, we thank You for relationships that are gifts to us. We thank You for mentors, teachers, friends who inspire us, not only with what they say, but mainly with who they are. Thank You for liberating and inspiring us through relationships that you gift us with. And we are grateful! Amen

But it is the spirit in man, the breath of the Almighty, that makes him understand. Job 32:8


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