Simplify The Holy Days…

The holidays stress people out so much. I suggest you keep it simple and try to have as much fun as you can. Giada De Laurentiis

Meditation: The Holidays often put many external and internal pressures on us. We feel obligated to go to different parties, some we enjoy, others we could have done without. We stress about getting gifts, writing Christmas card and sending packets off to those who live far away. And then the food. Planning, shopping and actually preparing the food takes quite some energy… When we remember what Christmas is about, we see the image of a new born child in a manger. I imagine that time stood still for that young family and that rest and recovery were the words of the hour. I wonder if “God’s command” for us is to keep it simple this season. What can I do without? Where can I save some energy? How can I simplify my planning and expectations? A lot of the stress we feel we create for ourselves by trying to “please” or satisfy certain family or cultural norms. Our spiritual body wants to remind us that “less is more”. Let us delight in this message and take it to heart. Let us join the holy family by adding rest and recovery time during the holy days this year.

Prayer: God, we feel stressed these days, even troubled or distressed with all the demands pulling on us. Help us discern what we can let go of. Help us focus on the essentials. Free us from anxiety about what others might think or how we might disappoint…Give us the wisdom to slow down, to enjoy these special days and delight in each other more so than in external items we buy or prepare. Remind us over and over again that less is more. Amen

Trouble and distress have come upon me, but your commands give me delight. Psalm 119:143

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