Con Men Exploit Greed and Anger…

Con men look for human frailty to exploit. This is most often greed. Trump found a different vice: anger. The emotional are always the most susceptible to manipulation. Pamela Meyer

Meditation: A speech of the union of this US president is a farce. He set out to divide. He looked for those greedy and angry to follow him. And then he set out to split and to undermine our democracy. It is scary to have GOP members try to undermine the legal branch of our democracy. This will be the real test for this country. Do we allow the greedy and hateful to run this country? Or are we taking this country back? Will the legal branch survive the attack, or will we watch and allow our legal system to be compromised and invaded by those who have no shame, no sense of right and wrong, nor values other than accumulating wealth and power and taking revenge. Our democracy is being tested like never before. European democracies have been hijacked before and those who successfully took them over produced worldwide destruction. The American democracy is being hijacked like this for the first time. Are people too busy, too ignorant or too complacent to see what is happening? The moment you take a relationship, a system, a government form for granted – it starts to fall apart and die. America, wake up!

Prayer: God we are sick and tired of the masquerade, the lies, the manipulation, the greed and the rage. We are tired of this narcissistic president who has no clue but plunges ahead as if he knew. We are tired of the hatred, the racism, the bigotry, the splitting and the undermining of the government’s roles and functions. God, what do You want us to do? Wake up Your people. Where and how can we resist? Amen

A wise man is cautious and avoids danger; a fool plunges ahead with great confidence. A short-tempered man is a fool. He hates the man who is patient. Proverb 14: 16-17

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