Love Is The Answer…

I think a lot of self-identity and inner-personal development is hampered by consumerism and capitalism because we see ourselves as a reflection of the TV, rather than as a reflection of the people who are around us, truly. Aloe Blacc

Meditation: Our children grow up with consumerism and capitalism as daily bread. They open their computer and are being targeted. Did they look at certain shoes yesterday? Today they are being flooded with pop-up advertisement that show those and similar shoes in several varieties. When one decides: “I really don’t need another pair of shoes”, one’s resolution is being seduced for weeks and months to come by “pop ups” that show exactly those shoes. Anybody who accesses the internet to look for products immediately becomes an object in the digital machinery of consumerism run by a capitalist system that wants our money. Children and Youth often don’t have role models anymore, but try to find their identity in the products they are able to purchase. And whoever cannot afford a certain brand outfit or product is not “popular” and is threatened to fall through the social network. The singer Aloe Blacc sings “Love is the answer”. Look him up and listen to his inspiring music. Glad that today’s Youth listens to him and likes his music.

Prayer: God, we need Your creative Spirit to translate Your presence and Your will for humanity into today’s world. We need our children to have role models so they can resist consumerism and objectification. We need our Youth wanting to become a reflection of Your love in this world. We need Your “Good News” for the next generation in art, in music and in powerful mentoring. Thank You for all artists who spread Your word, even and especially in our secular world. Amen

What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Mark 8:36

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