Listen To Your Heart, It Knows…

Listen to the wind, it talks. Listen to the silence, it speaks. Listen to your heart, it knows. Native America

Meditation: In the business of our lives we often don’t take the time to listen. Native American spirituality knows that everything in nature is interconnected, including our hearts with each other. When we listen to the wind or to the silence we will hear what we need to hear. And when we listen to our hearts, we will come to know what we need to know. When we commune with nature, it reveals something about who God is. God as our creator and God as the one who holds us in our first breath and in our last breath.

Yesterday my mother told me about a tragic car accident that happened to a German family of four. A family with two teenage daughters, just like my family. I did not know where to go with this and what to do. I did not know what to think or what to say. I was speechless. And so, I have been trying to listen, as I have nothing to say: Listen to the silence within me. Listen to my heart. I did not know this family personally, but I feel connected, as my parents knew them. In God’s hand – their life and their death. In God’s hand – our life and our death. I listen to the silence. It speaks. I listen to the wind. It talks. I listen to my heart. I know. I grieve. I mourn in silence.

Prayer: God of wind and silence, be with the only surviving daughter of this family. Help her breathe. Help her body survive. Help her soul survive. Surround her with loving kindness and care. Be with the grandmother who is torn between despairing grief and the care and concern for her granddaughter. Speak to her. Strengthen her heart when it wants to break into pieces. Surround her with loving kindness and care. We are all interconnected. We are all held in God’s hands. Amen

He sets on high those who are lowly, and those who mourn are lifted to safety. Job 5:11 (NRSV)






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