Societal Regression…

A (societal) regression stops when anxiety subsides or when the complications of the regression are greater than the anxiety that feeds the regression. Murray Bowen

Meditation: Our American society is going through a major regression experience. Chronic and instinctual anxiety have caused a “herd” mentality. The former societal majority is feeling threatened by gradually becoming a minority and thus regresses into behavior that are not what one expects of mature adults. Our current mostly white, mostly male and rich political leaders are an expression of this societal regression based on instinctual anxiety. However, during the recent “March for our Lives”demonstrations, we witnessed how an eleven year old and a seventeen year old were more mature, articulate and differentiated than our current leading politicians seem to be. It is mind blowing and sad when the leaders of our nation abdicate the mature and differentiated task of leadership to our children. However, it seems that the time is here that a child shall lead us. The time has come when those young children and teenagers are bringing together many different minorities who are becoming one in spirit, and who grow peacefully into becoming the new majority in this country. All victims of the current societal regression that suffer from the unloading of its instinctual anxiety and unleashed aggression upon them have had enough. In uniting, they rise and demand the current societal regression to stop. Are we currently witnessing how the complications of our current regression are becoming greater than the anxiety that feeds the regression? This is when regression can be overcome! There is hope! We pray that differentiated and mature adults will take back the leadership of this country, so that our temporarily leading children can be allowed to remain children and youth and heal from their trauma.

Prayer: God, we pray for all the traumatized children of this country who feel let down by adults who act irresponsibly and who are unresponsive. We pray for all the teenage activists who feel the burden of the world on their shoulders. Let them witness how thousands and millions of adults join them and rise up together with them. Let a new majority form as to contradict and overcome the instinctual and oppressive anxiety that has swept our country. Let our children experience how mature adults will take back leadership. Free our children from the burden of having to lead us, the adults. God, have mercy on this country. Amen

The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them. Isaiah 11:6

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