You just look at the world, and you see things unravelling, and you say, “I wonder what we ought to do?” Things are seldom crystal clear. James F. Amos

Meditation: “Unravelling” is the word for our times. Things are being undone that seemed habitual and certain. Processes collapse, fail and go wrong. The values and norms of the presidency is disintegrating, and many policies that had been in the works for many years are being destroyed with one signature. “Unravelling” also means to investigate, solve or explain. That aspect is also happening in ongoing investigations that we are all aware of and awaiting eagerly to learn more about. “Unravelling” also means to solve, resolve, work out, clear up, puzzle out or find an answer to. I think America as a culture is currently unravelling as we knew it. Each one of us and also collectively we are challenged to respond and not only react. Our emotional reaction is likely fear, frustration, anger, disgust, panic… Our spiritual response needs to be for us to stay in the midst of the unravelling and gradually puzzle out and find an answer to this new and destabilizing phenomenon, individually and collectively.

Prayer: God I feel overwhelmed with the unravelling of basic norms and values. Nothing seems certain right now. Having a mentally ill president unravels the American society, and we witness phenomena that scare us. Bind us together one by one and as communities, so that nobody is getting isolated during these disintegrating times. In the midst of this unravelling, send Your Spirit as the “third strand” so we can respond as communities, and we are not only reacting. Use this time as an opportunity for all of us to become more engaged, more conscious, more involved and more responsible within the communities we are living in. God, have mercy on us as we experience the unravelling of basic cultural values and norms. Amen

Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. Ecclesiastes 4:12


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