Watchwords in 2021?

Dear Readers,

I am considering writing new daily Watchwords in 2021.

However, I am not sure if this is a need “within the universe”, or if this would be an “ego” thing to do. I am getting away from “ego” filled thinking, doing, planning…

And maybe 2021 is holding other/new creative opportunities for me.

Thus my question: Would you read new Watchwords in 2021 and would they add to your life?

Please, do not try to be polite or intentionally supportive of me, as that could easily just be an “ego feeding another ego”.

Please, do not respond if you are not sure if reading new watchwords would be something that would be helpful to you.

Yet, if it would be something you would truly enjoy every day, let me know.

Peace to you and to yours, Dorothea

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