A different Manger…

She did not have a mattress,

Only the lower part – and that was wood.

It was cold in the house

But thankfully they had a roof – and water.

Born in 1940, she had grown up with little.

And now there was nothing in the fridge

And her son had Covid, sleeping in the back

of the home, struggling to breathe.

Some milk and bread –

“Bread soaked in milk” is what she grew up on back in Germany.

Now living in the US,

She needed food, and other basic items.

Getting a mattress delivered,

And milk, bread and eggs –

Right to her home.

She had not had Christmas this year,

But now it had arrived.

No longer sleeping on wood,

having her dignity restored.

These must have been wise men or women

visiting her manger –

Just a little different this year.

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