I release…

I release…

I release the images I held of myself,

my pride of being this or that,

the roles that defined me.

They have come to an end.

Our roles are just meant to be doors

to pass through to another space.

Our images of ourselves

are meant to be released over and over again.

Not getting stuck in the past

is an art, a practice that is hard at times.

Hard to accept that the past is over.

Hard to release those images and roles of myself.

And yet, unless I let go and release,

the past will cling to me like “tar”

sticky, seductive, limiting and even hostage keeping.

I release the images I hold of myself and of others.

I release my fear and pride while holding my current roles lightly,

ready to surrender when life asks me to.

I release – I am free to just “be” me…

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