Let Life Flow Through You…

When we resist life

as in not accepting the waves that come at us,

or that carry us to shores we did not plan –

we cause suffering for ourselves

and for those connected with us.

When we tell life how it should have been,

complain about it or run away from it,

as life is not presenting as we wished or hoped for,

we reject life.                                                  

Life will surround us,

yet we won’t appreciate or accept it.

We do not recognize it as a friend,

a healer in disguise or even a liberator.

When life is not presenting as we want,

we reject life –

and with that, we reject ourselves.

When we allow the waves of life to come

and don’t resist, we lower our and others’ suffering,

by not suppressing or missing it.

When we then even let life flow through us,

we suddenly see deeply:

“The waves coming at me and flowing through me

are life, are me…” My life becomes a friend,

a healer and liberator even through suffering.

“Embraced suffering is Life…”

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