In gratitude I trust larger invisible realities

to surround and guide us.

Gratitude holds the awareness and belief

that life and love are ultimately stronger

than death and hatred.

The attitude of gratitude

changes everything:

If I only had one prayer to pray,

one wish to make,

and one element of wisdom to hold onto:

It would be the prayer and wish to be grounded in gratitude:

Aware that everything is a gift-

I will take nothing for granted.

Grounded in the awareness that all will perish

while all is granted.

Cherishing my dependence,

my interdependence and

my freedom –

Holding these realities in grateful awareness,

knowing all three to be true at the same time:

Grateful for dependence on Acceptance and Compassion

extending to me every moment anew.

Grateful for interdependence

creating eternal networks of love.

Grateful for freedom of not clinging,

not attaching,  but flowing in the coming and going of life…

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