Show up for Life

Show up for life

Sometimes we feel like hiding

from the world.

It seems so hostile, so corrupt, so difficult.

We even consider

checking out completely,

like living in the woods

or disconnecting and just spending time

playing video games all day,

as a virtual reality.

Our thoughts about yesterday,

our regrets, our resentments

are all virtual reality,

as the past no longer “is”.

Our worries about tomorrow,

our anxieties and even our plans

are all virtual realities,

as the future is “not yet”.

We want to flee into a virtual world,

be it through video games or

simply through our thoughts

living in the past

or in the future.

All the while life calls us,

invites us,

beckons us

to “be”

to be ”here and now”

to be here and now “only”

while letting go of all virtual realities –

and show up for life,

embrace life,

accept life

as it is.

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