When we begin

to see “Beauty”,

we start

observing and not judging,

exploring and not dissecting,

wondering and not diagnosing,

sensing and not analyzing,

inviting and not labeling.

Our relationship with the world changes,

and also with ourselves and others.

Instead of remaining detached,

we allow life to talk to us,

and flow around, even through us.

When we observe, explore, wonder,

sense and invite the world around us,

we lose our fear of being touched,

and touching life.

When we judge, dissect, diagnose,

analyze and label,

we keep life at a distance.

We feel afraid.

Nothing heals fear

as seeing Beauty does.

Inspired by the book:

The invisible Embrace

Beauty – rediscovering the true sources

of compassion, serenity and hope

By John O’Donohue

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