Practicing Gratitude

Why pray?

What if I don’t believe in a God?

Does prayer even work?

What does prayer do?

You don’t need to believe in God to pray.

Prayer is not intended to “work” or “achieve” anything.

Prayer does not “do” anything.

You don’t “have to” pray… it is not a chore or a duty.

Prayer is an invitation to practice being in “awe”

of the miracle of life itself.

Prayer means being present to this very moment, 

while seeing how interconnected everything is.

Prayer is the privilege to still breathe on this earth

and express our deepest humanity:

“as an attitude of gratitude”

Gratitude as the practice of

not taking anything for granted, 

of rejoicing even in the smallest

signs of life, of beauty and of health, 

which in itself can change 

our way of being present to life.

Here is a guided meditation 

in the form of a short gratitude prayer

that I am praying often first thing

when waking up in the morning:

If you don’t like it,

feel free to pray in your own words.

There is no right or wrong prayer.

I invite you as part of your life journey

to create your own healing practice

expressing gratitude.

Be well!

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