No Matter What – Love Yourself

A poem for the new week:

No matter what – love yourself!

Sometimes what looks terrible

can actually become a new opportunity…

Or what seems the end of the world

becomes the beginning of a new way of living…

When we are in these transition times

grieving the known that has come to an end

And facing the unknown that we have not met nor begun to trust yet

We are “in limbo”, in “no man’s land”,

in nomadic territory, travelling on seemingly without direction…

And yet, in the depth of our soul

And interconnected with the Universe

we are being prepared

For a new beginning

For a new life

For new connections

For new places to call “home”

No matter what – love yourself!

Hold on and trust

The new path that will open before you,

The new life that awaits you.

No matter what – love yourself and reach out to community.

There are so many like you “in limbo” right now…

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