There are years when life feels like a dream…

we move through it

and nothing remarkable happens…

we don’t see of feel more than the “usual”…

And then something happens –

loss, major changes or trauma reach us,

nothing is as it was before.

We feel disturbed, scared, shaken –

nothing feels “as usual”…

When we consider those times

not as a “curse”,

not as an ending of life,

but as an opportunity to “awaken”…

then we will walk through

the trauma, the loss, the pain…

and come out

more fully alive,

more aware,

more compassionate

and in tune with who we are,

and who we are meant to be…

The Universe has a strange way

of making us come alive…

Awakening can feel overwhelming and painful

And yet, with openness and support

it always leads

to a more conscious,

more connected and

fuller life in the end.

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