Breathing deeply

Taking deep breaths

can sometimes make all the difference:

It grounds us in our bodies.

Following our breath with full attention

helps us stop overthinking.

Deep breathing creates the “time out” experience

that is needed to stop the fighting.

It calms our reactive brains

that feel compelled to fight, flee or freeze.

Taking deep breaths

is a spiritual practice.

Breathing itself reminds us that

this very breath is a gift –

a gift that no one can give to themselves.

Breathing deeply is a practice

that changes how we get out of bed in the morning.

It lowers how intensely we react to persons who trigger us.

Deep breathing is the amazing path to peace and freedom.

It can heal our grieving heart and our injured “trauma brain”.

How have I ever taken my breath for granted,

not aware of its power to heal and ground me?

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