Holy Days

These days are “Holy Days”

for Jews, Christians and Muslims alike.

Those religious holidays aligning

only happens every 33 years.

I wish we could sit all around tables

and celebrate together:

Old and young,

religious and less religious, but spiritual.

And then invite also all those

who don’t feel like they belong.

Invite them with open arms,

without trying to change or “convert” anybody

or thinking that this was the religious task and duty.

Instead, just sharing the joy of our stories of

Easter, Ramadan and Passover-

Being inclusive and hospitable,

no strings attached,

no expectations held,

just love extended to each other

and to our beaten-up world:

to our grieving neighbors,

our lonely co-workers,

our anxious children,

our seeking teenagers.

Let’s join hands and hearts

and make religious groups

open spaces for healing,

for hospitality and recovery.

We are all in this together!

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