Post Pandemic Wondering

How do I want my life to look like,

now as the Pandemic is subsiding?

With all the new freedoms

comes the challenge of setting healthy boundaries:

“What is essential for me,

for my significant relationships,

for my family?”

“Where do I refuse to return to pre-pandemic times?”

“What do I want to keep that I learned

during the Pandemic?”

“How can I continue to simplify my life –

how limit or eliminate toxic relationships?”

“How do I find a few new friends or quality relationships

instead of keeping certain old ones

that have proven as superficial?”

“How do I care for my stressed-out brain and body?”

“How do I keep a slower pace?”

“How can the gift that the Pandemic brought –

as bad as it was-

help me live a more conscious life?”

“How do I boundary in what matters to me

and boundary out what is toxic

or just old habits?”

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