Becoming the loving observer

We are not our roles.

We are not our functions.

We are not our core wounding

that happened years ago

stored in our “pain body”.

Who are we then?

We are the loving observer.

We are the compassionate presence

in all roles, functions and wounding.

We can become our own best friend.

We can extend loving kindness to ourselves:

Valuing our emotions.

Comforting and caring for our bodies.

Calming our anxious and overwhelmed minds.

It takes practice.

Daily practice –

to not disappear into our roles or functions –

our “doing”

and to also not identify fully with our “pain body”.

As we breathe deeply,

As we journal,


seek and connect with loving energies,

gently stretch our bodies –

we emerge as the loving and compassionate observer

of our body, mind and spirit…

This is where our healing will come from.

This is where our wholeness,

our joy and peace

await us.

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