Sometimes we eat or inhale toxins

as part of our food or stimulants –

Some we intentionally digest or consume,

others we are surrounded by or unaware of.

Sometimes we watch toxins,

we take them in with our eyes.

Just watching the News or certain social media-

we take in images of violence or other toxic scenes.

Sometimes we live in a toxic relationship

or environment.

We are so used to constant tension and fighting,

bickering, neglect or abuse-

that we do not even notice those anymore.

But our children do. They start acting out,

or are getting sick.

And our bodies do, too. We lose immunity

and get sick as well. Our soul does, too.

It tells us with anxiety and depression

that something is deeply wrong.

And then one day –

we wake up.

And we leave those toxins behind.

That day is our new birthday.

Welcome to freedom!

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