P Pausing is the ability to step back.

Often, we get so reactive, so emotional, so wrapped up

with the things that happen on the surface of life,

that we fail to pause, be still and look more deeply.

A Allowing is the ability to let life flow through us,

without holding onto grudges, pain, regrets, injustices

for longer than needed. Acknowledging the past,

and then letting it go – means allowing.

We pause and allow.

U Understanding is the ability to see with new eyes –

eyes of compassion, eyes of forgiveness, eyes of possibilities,

eyes that see ways of new choices and new options.

We pause and understand.

S Seeing with new eyes means to become

an observer of ourselves. Witnessing our emotions and thoughts,

we no longer mistake ourselves to be our mind or our feelings.

We pause and see.

E Equanimity is the ability to pause, allow, understand and see

with new eyes. Radically accepting life while developing radical compassion.

Pausing means finding stability, balance, resilience

and a peace “beyond understanding”.

We pause and find equanimity.

Let’s build times of pausing

into every day of our life –

And our life will renew itself.

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