Breathe deeply

Breathe deeply

When we breathe deeply

and slowly at least ten times

(counting: for 4 in and for 6 out)

all the way into our abdomen:

we signal our “trauma brain”:

that we are ready to be calm,

that there is no danger,

that the fear, anger or rage

we might experience

are trauma triggers from our past.

We are in control

when we breathe like that.

We take back

the harm that trauma caused.

We are letting go of the toxins

from the past

and from the present.

When we breathe like that

we no longer have to react

in anxiety or anger,

we breathe deeply –

and then we respond.

We claim back the control

that our “trauma brain”

has taken from us.

We become “breath warriors” –

and we end the war.

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