Overcoming Shame and Guilt

Often the feelings of shame and guilt

are being created in us by outside forces

that judge, condemn, and deny or keep taboos.

When shaming and guilting are being used

as a weapon,

they can destroy a person’s

self-esteem and self-trust.

Society, religion, school and family systems

use shaming and guilting as methods

to control, deflect or deny

their own responsibilities and standards

not kept or values not met,

but then projected on individuals

who are made into scapegoats.

When shame and guilt feelings

are brought to the surface,

new life can grow.

When kept secrets and taboos are being revealed,

healing can begin.

When light is shone on injustices,

failures, cruelty and abuse by individuals and systems,

shame fades away like the morning fog

giving way to the sun rising.

No, it was not your fault.

Yes, they shamed and guilted you in order not to deal

with their own sin, their betrayal, their manipulation,

their collusion, their denial.

Yes, you will rise out of shame and guilt

like the Phoenix from the ashes.

You will discover your worth, your beauty,

your freedom, your self-esteem and self-trust!

Let the light come in.

and you will be restored to the wholeness

that has been there all along.

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