Did you know?

Did you know?

When our anxious and stressed-out mind

runs our daily life,

we often allow all kinds

of negative, toxic and traumatic materials

into our system.

Our body, soul and spirit suffer –

they get neglected or abused, and at least

minimized or ignored.

Our bodies are amazing organisms

that are deeply interconnected:

When our mind follows toxic or angry thoughts,

our muscles get stiff and tight.

When our emotions run wild,

our head starts hurting or our back begins to ache.

Only when we become

observers and lovers

of this miracle called “our body”,

will we be able to stop our mind

from dumping toxins into this

our “holy holding space”.

As we love and observe,

we learn to release toxins,

and let go of long held trauma,

stress and pain.

We realign our body with our mind

and calm our soul.

Those three can become one again

through the practices of:

compassionate reflecting,

meditation or prayer,

stretching or Yoga,


creating of art or music,

nature bathing…

Did you know?…

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