A reflection on “Peace”

Peace does not mean the absence

of challenge or uncertainty.

Peace is not a substance we can buy,

preserve or keep in store.

Peace is not the belief in something or someone,

nor a possession  we have at our disposal.

Peace is the practice

of letting go.

Letting go of expectations,

letting go of past and future images.

Peace is the embracing of impermanence

while cherishing the continuation of life

in many different forms.

Peace can be found in the “here and now” only,

and not in yesterday or tomorrow.

Peace is the practice of unifying

one’s own little story

with the bigger story of life,

of nature, of creation, humanity and the Divine.

Peace are solitude moments

of touching that which we call “eternal”.

“Eternal” does not describe “time”

as much as it captures a “space”

of interconnectedness,  of “interbeing”.

Peace and “Interbeing” are one.

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