Emotional Fields

Growing up, you not only inherited your genetic make up

from many generations before,

you were also born into an “emotional field”

that shaped how you “are”, “feel” and “behave” in this world:

Passed down through many generations are feeling patterns

of depression, anxiety, trauma triggering, anger and rage.

What to do with those?

Just like genetic predispositions,

you will want to learn all you can

about these emotional fields

that you inherited – paired with

the sometimes destructive

emotional expressions

or coping mechanisms

that were also passed down to you.

And then you can work on

first fully accepting

and forgiving the old patterns,

and after doing so, you can then learn to shift

into new, healthier emotional fields and coping mechanisms.

The inherited dominant emotion patterns in your life

are only being dangerous and repeated

when unconscious.

The good news is: Emotional fields can be changed.

Dominant features do not have to be passed down

to future generations.

You can be the first to shift away,

and you can create new fields and patterns.

Let’s engage in awareness and in shifting.

Your children and life partners will be deeply grateful!

And so will you!

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