When we choose to become more aware

and conscious of our life patterns, our roles and functioning,

when we decide to no longer live in pain, abuse, neglect or self-loathing,

when we step out of the box, the past and the expectations of others,

then we become like a caterpillar that enters the cocoon,

not knowing what will happen next.

All we knew: our identity, our shape, our persona, our familiar life space

fall away –

and as the caterpillar inside of the cocoon becomes “mush”

so we as well experience a metamorphosis

never felt before:

In the darkness and disorientation of our cocoon times,

we are being transformed.

Familiar shapes and patterns are being rearranged,

so we can fulfill our purpose.

Wings grow where before only tired legs carried us.

Our weary body is being transformed into an agile torso,

and leaving the cocoon, we suddenly know how to fly…

Shedding the old life that made us crawl and constantly be hungry and thirsty,

we lift ourselves into unimagined heights,

reaching blossoms and trees that were unreachable before.

Nurtured, warmed by the sun and carried gently by the wind.

Mother Nature smiling as we find our purpose –

at last…

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